Collection: Petkin

In 1988 when Petkin got their start, caring for pets meant using messy products that were potentially harmful to animals and the environment. Petkin's founder, David Goldberg, decided pets, the people who love them and the planet deserve better. By creating the first line of safe, effective and convenient pet care products, David made sharing the love with our pets easier for us and healthier for them. To this day, their unabashed love for animals means every product they develop must be of the highest quality, simple to use and healthier for your pets.

Petkin has a full line of specialty grooming and dental products. Whether you're looking to use their renowned pet wipes to quickly rinse down your dog after a long walk, clean out your cat's ears with their medicated pet swabs or assist with just about any other necessity for a furry friend - Petkin carries easy to use animal care products for the job.

Petkin now also has a Bamboo range of products. These contain 100% organically grown bamboo and are as good for the planet as they are for your pet. By incorporating bamboo into their products, Petkin is able to reduce the environmental effects of deforestation and provide a superior and sustainable product.