Collection: Meat Mates

Meat Mates is a Christchurch based company producing a range of freeze dried single source meal toppers and treats. We pride ourselves on only using sustainably farmed New Zealand free-range grass fed meat and cage-free chicken. We understand that the better life far, animals live, the better that the meat tastes.

Our products only include the best quality ingredients avoiding the use of fillers, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. By freeze drying our products we can lock in the natural colours, flavours, smells and the meats nutritional value.

Dog boosters: Our 100% Pure Meat Booster Range uses grass-fed, free-range beef, lamb or cage-free chicken. With the exception of our Lamb Green Tripe Boosters, each one has a little Fish Oil and Rosemary Extract for a natural antioxidant boost. It’ll be hard to pick their favourite, because dogs love every single one! Add Meat Mates Boosters to their usual meal or make it a meal in itself.

Treats: Meat Mates treats are made from single source New Zealand grass-fed, free-range meat or cage-free chicken. These treats are high in meat and protein, low in carbs, grain free and guilt free as they contain no unnecessary fillers or preservatives. As we want nothing but the best for your furry friends. We have treats designed to suit both cats and dogs available in a range of delicious flavours including chicken, beef and lamb.