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Jungle Talk offers a complete line of premium products to help you to create a fun and safe environment for your bird. Their range of interactive toys are designed to satisfy birds instinctual needs. They encourage them to perform natural behaviours such as interaction, talking, preening, chewing and destruction.

These top quality bird toys are made from 100% bird safe components in a range of durable, colourful and fun designs. All their toys, chews and treat dispensers have been designed to serve a particular function, satisfy instinctual needs, encourage good behaviour and promote mental and physical well-being. Jungle Talk accessories allow owners to customise and enhance their pet's environment, with safe and decorative items, turning their birds cage into a home.

Providing your pet with stimulating and fun toys is because they:

  • Improve your bird’s quality of life.
  • Keep your bird busy and provide stimulation when you are not available to entertain them.
  • Provide an acceptable outlet for natural exploration and destruction behaviours.
  • Encourage the bird to be mentally and physically active.
  • Help to reduce boredom and frustration that can lead to self harm behaviours.

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