Collection: Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks® story…

Dog Rocks® were first discovered in the late 90’s in Australia.

Max Roberts a 6 month old puppy was ruining his dads’ beautiful lawn. There were burn patches everywhere and his dad wasn’t very happy. Andrea (Max’s mum) was telling a friend about how her new beautiful puppy was ruining their grass… much to her husband’s horror. Her friend said he had heard of a rock which stopped this happening. He had a sample of the rock as he had used it on his two labradors for a number of years.

After 4 weeks there were no more burn patches in Roberts’ back yard. The rock worked brilliantly and Andrea was keen to find out more about it.

After six months of searching on the internet and numerous calls she eventually found the correct quarry with the right type of rock.

Three years of testing was done on the water and the dogs who were using the rocks, just to make sure there were no side effects. Everything was perfect!

Thirteen years on and Dog Rocks is now a household name for dog owners who want to save their lawn from nasty burn patches.