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The taste that sends cats into orbit

At Cloud 9, we’re cat people, too. We know what cats love and want – that’s why we created Cloud 9, the ultimate cat treat.

We took simple ingredients like eggs and whey. Then we added a combination of natural yeasts to build the kind of flavour
intensity that simply explodes on a cat’s palate. The result? Feline flavor perfection. Don’t believe us, give some to your cat
and watch them literally beg for their next bite!

Don’t blame us if your cat can’t get enough Cloud 9, simply the most delicious cat treat ever. With its unique shape, whimsical flavors and serious cat-titude, cats just can’t keep their paws off Cloud 9!

There’s way more to Cloud 9 than great taste
People everywhere want tastier, healthier, higher quality food… that includes cat lovers who insist on better treats for their cats, too. That’s why Cloud 9 has created a unique, protein-based cat treat using only quality ingredients. It’s a healthier alternative to other popular treats.

We loaded it with whey protein and whole eggs
So your cat gets more of the stuff they love… and more of what their bodies need! Whey protein is the natural protein found in milk and is quickly and easily digested. In fact, Cloud 9′s double protein punch gets top marks for its biological value, meaning your cat can absorb and use more of it in their bodies.

Created for your cat’s palate
Cats relish the tender, fall-apart-in-your-mouth texture of Cloud 9. In fact, we developed every aspect of Cloud 9 with a cat’s taste buds in mind, for maximum cat appeal. That includes our unique combination of natural yeasts that gives Cloud 9 the intensely complex flavour cats go crazy for.

We make our cat treats with the greatest of care
We think your cat deserves the best ingredients prepared just right. And Cloud 9 is proudly made in Canada for the utmost assurance of quality.

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