Collection: Black Hawk

Black Hawk dog food and cat food is a premium diet and a holistic choice that will help support your pet’s overall health, vitality, and wellbeing. Australian made and owned each bag and can of food is made with premium ingredients - real meat, real veggies, and has no fillers or nasties. Black Hawk exclusively contains Emu Oil which is naturally high in Omega 3, 6, and 9. Emu Oil contains natural healing properties plus it is high in protein and low in cholesterol.

Black Hawk has two formulas, Original and Grain-Free, in both wet and dry pet food for puppies, adult dogs, kittens, and cats.

The Black Hawk dry cat food is full of tasty flavour and comes in smaller-sized kibble making it easy to eat. Even the fussiest of felines won’t be able to resist! It’s top-notch kibble for your top cat.

Black Hawk wet and dry dog food have an extensive range of flavours including chicken, lamb, and fish variations. There’s dog food for large breeds, adults, and puppies, so whatever size or life stage they’re in, they’ll benefit from Black Hawk dog food.

Original Black Hawk Dog Food and Cat Food

Our best friends deserve wholesome, balanced, and nutritious food with real ingredients that nourish wellbeing and naturally enhance health. Our simple guiding principle is that every single ingredient that goes into Black Hawk Orginal dog and cat food matters. This is why we commit to no fillers or anything artificial in our food – just pure 100% real goodness.

Grain-Free Black Hawk Dog Food and Cat Food

The absence of grain makes our food ideal for cats and dogs with sensitive dietary needs. It is also a great choice for those choosing to exclude grains from their pet’s diet, to echo the original grain-free and protein-rich diets their primitive ancestors thrived on in the wild.

The Black Hawk Grain Free range is all-natural and each mix has been developed with guidance from renowned pet food nutritionists. Specifically made to keep your dog and cat at their absolute best.