Collection: K9 Natural

To live a healthy and active life, your pet needs the natural goodness of a high meat diet. It is what they are instinctively drawn to and what their bodies are designed for.

At K9 Natural, we believe that the best nutrition for your pet comes from the best blends of nature; a diet high in free range, grass-fed meat, New Zealand green lipped mussels and essential vitamins, minerals & oils. Our pets are much like us and they thrive on a diet that is healthy, natural and lightly processed.

All our full diets are completed & balanced and AAFCO approved.

Pet food as it should be:

All of our products are what we believe is pet food as it should be. All of our natural dog food products are:

  • Rich in meat
  • 100% balanced nutrition
  • 100& grain free
  • From grass-fed sources
  • A natural source of energy
  • Contain fresh fruit and vegetables

The best blend of nutrients from nature

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of our pets and the impact that a diet has on the quality of their lives. In-depth research has shown us that dogs thrive on a natural diet high in meat and rich in vitamins and nutrients.