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Excellence. Integrity. Respect. If these words mean something to you, we've got a lot in common. These are the Andis Company values and for over 90 years, we've employed people who help us design and build the highest quality tools to cut, trim and style. From the assembly line to the sales force, our associates are energetic and passionate about what they do. And we love that about them!

As a family-owned business, our owners and our associates take our company's mission, vision and values very seriously. After all, we want to make sure Andis Company is here for future generations—it's our legacy. And we know the same is true for our customers. They are creating their own legacies, building their own businesses, and our tools play a big part in their success.

Our Beliefs

MISSION: Creating your legacy with exceptional products
VISION: Every Style. Every Cut. Every Groom. Always Andis!
VALUES: Excellence - Never settling for good enough.
Integrity - Being honest, responsible and accountable.
Respect - Valuing what’s important to others.

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